How To Support Organisations With Multiple Projects?

So far I love Zammad and I would really like to use it. So I tried to set it up for our needs but now I am stuck with this problem:

In our use case we have multiple Organisations (our Customers) that each have multiple Projects.

There should be:

  • Users that have only access to certain Projects (Project Members)
  • And there should be Users that have access to ALL projects of an organisation (Project Leads)

I found no way to configure it this way. Did I miss something or is this not possible at the moment?
Any suggestions highly welcome!

Thank you in advance!



I think you’re trying to force Zammad into a direction it’s not supposed to live in.
It’s not capable of project management and will proberbly perform quite bad in that case.

Beside the fact that you can’t define a “lead” in an organization, you can also not assign several organizations to one user. I think that you should have project information in another tool that can display those information better.

Of course you can always use custom fields and stuff, but I feel that this will be a pain very fast for you.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Your answer still makes me sad, as I really would have loved to use Zamad, but it seams not feasible at the moment.

Maybe you can think about a company offering multiple products. Would you still think that this would be a topic better suited for a project management system? I mean, I believe this is a pretty common use case for many industries.

Oh sorry, I might have turned on the wrong end here.

If you want to support several products, that’s generally no problem.
You can ensure a logcal dividing with using groups.

This enables you to have different domains or e-mail addresses for sending and receiving e-mails.
If that’s what you’re looking for, Zammad can do that for you. Everything going into the direction of project management might be too much for Zammad.

Sorry again, might have turned wrong because you where mentioning several organisations with several projects. Please note at any point: Zammad can only provide one customer base, so you can not ensure that agent A from company A can’t see customers of company B.

This might be an issue, if that’s needed.

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Thanks again, we will give it a try then.

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