How to set knowledge base permission per category?

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I’m wondering if it’s possible to control the KB permission based on group?
Imagine we have 2 groups, group 1 and group 2. I want to create category 1 and only users within group 1 has permission to edit it, and category 2 will be edited by group 2 members only.
If it’s possible, we restrict category 1 to be invisible to group 2, and do the similar setup for category 2.
I tried to create new role but there doesn’t seems to be permission control for groups.

I didn’t see how to accmoplish this task? Any advice would be appreciated.


Its possible to set the Answer to “Internal” and set up a Role with Knowledge base rights to “Reader”.
Its also possible set permissions on the category so the new Role can read or edit the category.
This will have the effect that only logged in user with the Role can see the Knowledge base answer.

However it is probably not how the knowledge base is meant to be used but, we use it as a workaround to give access to the Knowledge base to specific users without making the whole knowlegde base public.

You will have some issues regarding searching for Answers as a Customer with read rights as you have to be in a Category to be able to search for answers. Together with a bug that replaces space with %20 when clicking on back to results. This does not happen if the knowledge base is public and you are using the public knowledge base page, which also have some added featues and functionalities.

If the knowledge base is meant to be used for Agents the search functionality works as intended.

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Dear Chan,

Thanks a lot for the detained explanation. However, the most important thing is that we need the answers to be 100% publicly accessible, without them logging on to Zammad system.

I think there might be misunderstanding, imagnine we have two support groups, IT and Finance, so the agents in IT can only edit and publish IT’s KB, while Finance have no access to editing IT KBs.

I didn’t see how your reply can work this around. If you could be more specifics, that would be more than appreciated. Thanks again for your help.


It is described in the documentation about knowledgebase how to set edit and view permissions.

Knowledgebase documentation

If you have two roles one for IT and one for Finance you can decide which group have access to your knowledge base categories based on the Granular Category Permissions.

Hope this will clarify it.

Best regards

Thanks a lot for sharing it further.

I’m not sure if I got your point but we do have roles, one is agent - IT, one is agent - Finance, however, I created a new folder in KB named IT then edit its permission, I didn’t see these roles in the permission table. that’s why I’m feeling lost… there are only System admin and normal Agent field.

I then created a few new roles for KB permission purpose only, I can see the new roles in the table, but I can’t figure out how to set the role permissions. There are only edit and read permissions for KB field. If all the new roles are editing permission, I didn’t see how some of them can read and some of them can edit our IT folder? I’m not really sure how to set the proper permission for the roles, if you could further advise?

Thanks again for your time and patience.

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