How to set fields via mail channel


  • Used Zammad version: 3.4.0-1596188530.54e8f2c9.sles12
  • Used Zammad installation source: Repository for zammad/zammad (develop) packages.
  • Operating system: openSUSE 15.2
  • Browser + version: Firefox

Hello. We have configured our watched mailbox via imap. Is it still possible to get fields in the ticket set via custom email headers like X-Zammad-Ticket-Priority as described in Watch your inbox with Fetchmail — Zammad documentation ?
What about new custom objects? We have created a new ticket field “impact” with selections like “blocker” “major” or “minor”. Can this be set via Email header as well?
We like to create a service form on the website which sends an email to the watched mailbox, instead of opening zammad for customers.

No idea? Not possible to set custom fields by Email-channel?

Zammad only supports the in the documentation mentioned headers.
So no, custom objects are cannot be used.

You can use filters or triggers through for that regard.
If it’s about a webform of a website anyway, you may want to consider using the API instead which theoretically removes all the fiddling.

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