How to send Mail Notification to the agent


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Trigger is your answer.

Standard notifications (ticket created, ticket assigend, ticket updated) should be sent to the agent without any trigger if your email settings are correct.

Anything in addition to that should be done with triggers, yes.


I have added a trigger but still didn’t work, note that a customer when create a ticket a mail is sent to him but no mail is being sent to the agents.

Did you change any agent settings for notification terms?
Sounds like you E-Mail-Configuration is broken

customers are receiving mails thus the mail configuration is working but the agents are not receiving mails.

Like @MrGeneration said check in the agent profile that the email notification is set enabled, also when setting up Zammad first time you set up a smtp server, thus is what is being used im sure to email agents not the email groups that the customer come in on and get replies on :slight_smile:
hope that helps


All agents

must be add in the box under “Execute changes in the object”

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