How to run FillDB


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  • Used Zammad version: 2.5
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) Docker
  • Operating system:
  • Browser + version:


*I have a question regarding FillDB
How can I load test Tickets?
What is the command to run FillDB.load()


Actual behavior:

  • FillDB.load()

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Hi @CyberPunk2042 - just enter the Zammad rails console and paste the following lines with your required amount:

    agents: 50,
    customers: 1000,
    groups: 20,
    organizations: 40,
    overviews: 5,
    tickets: 100,

Don’t do this in your production environment!


Cool! Thanks!
I was looking for this feature to fill my testsystem.
Don´t you think it would be helpful to put it in the documentation?

Hi @gwingend - great Idea. There is currently no real development documentation where this should be placed. Maybe you find a matching spot in the current admin documentation? Pull requests are more than welcome :heart:

why not put it here
at the bottom of the page?
I have no idea how to do a pull request. ;-(
Is there any short documentation to do it?

Thanks for reply

How can I run rails console

I were able to run rails console by
bundle exec rails console

are other commands to ran rails console

@gwingend - that looks like a perfect spot if you ask me! You can create a pull request at the Github repository of the documentation. The concrete file you are looking for can be found here:
How to make a pull request? Let’s ask Github directly because they know best:

@CyberPunk2042 - you can read about the console in the documentation (the link posted by @gwingend above). How to access the console depends on your installation type. For source installation it’s just rails c, for package installations it’s zammad run rails c etc.

@thorsteneckel thanks for explanation.
I tried to give my best and it seems that I could manage it. :wink:

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You’re welcome. Thanks a lot for your contribution! :rocket:

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