How to properly update?

Hi all,

Absolutely love zammad and the frequent updates. I’m wondering though, what is the correct way to update?

At initial installation, I’ve renamed the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/zammad.conf file to a format all my sites use ( and reconfigured the file to use SSL. But at every update, the zammad.conf is placed in the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled again and breaks Nginx.

Should I just keep the zammad.conf file and do all my SSL edits in this file? Will it not replace the file next update? I’d rather use my own format though.


Expected behavior:

  • Zammad updates leave my Nginx conf as is and a Nginx restart goes as expected

Actual behavior:

  • Zammad updates place a new zammad.conf file in sites-available / link to sites-enabled and break Nginx

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Rename and edit /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/zammad.conf (or sites-available)
  • Update zammad
  • Check Nginx with # systemctl status nginx

Renaming your nginx-file will cause our update process to re-create it (as it’s missing).
If it’s already there, it won’t be changed during upgrade. :slight_smile:

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Oh ok, then there is nothing I can do than to just leave the name as zammad.conf. Thanks!

Yes that’s right.
Sorry about that ;/

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