How to make mentions more visible in the notification email


  • Used Zammad version: 5.2.0-1656011622.80bf57c1.centos7
  • Used Zammad installation type: package (YUM)
  • Browser + version: not relevant


We often use tagging/mentioning (@@name) in tickets to notify other persons or agents about things to do in the ticket, side discussions ecc. Unfortunately these mails often go unnoticed, as they look and behave as all other Zammad notification emails for incoming mails. new articles ecc. ecc.

Do you know or can you think of a way to make such emails better visible (filterable) in an email client? Ideal would be, if they could have a special subject, i.e. “Notification from Ticket” or “Mention in Ticket” instead of the standard “Updated Ticket” or if the text would automatically contain some standard text like “you have been mentioned” or similar.

I am aware, that one could agree on a standard (filterable) text and add it to the article, but that is very error prone. We’d prefer some Zammad-internal mechanism to take care of that. We could also use regular mails to tag other persons, but we’d like to keep the email threads (with the customer) separated from this kind of internal comments.

Do I maybe have a wrong understanding of mentions?


The notification that is fired due to the mention is intentionally the same like the ticket updated one.
This happened due to us wanting to reduce required maintenance on those kind of things.

If you believe that’s not a good approach for you, I think a feature request on this board would be the way to go as you can’t adjust it just for mention situations as of now.

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