How to integrate pictures in knowledgebase articles?


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.0-1567098044.4a5edb77.jessie
  • Used Zammad installation source: deb from repository
  • Operating system: Debian 8.11
  • Browser + version: Firefox ESR 52.x


Is there a way to integrate pictures in knowledgebase articles? I’m not referring to attachments, but inline images which are shown within the text on the page

Use Case:

Many things are better explained by or with the help of images. Pure text is often not sufficient or not suited to explain e.g. the usage of graphical tools

Yup there is, altough at some points it might be a bit tricky.
Problem mostly is that you have to ensure to copy the images content, not the image (confusing I know).

This screencast might help you:

How cute. I haven’t seen animated gifs for a long while :slight_smile: . But thanks lot, that helped very much and works like a charm. It is initially slightly confusing as you say. Image integration might be a good extension for the editor … but only after we finally can create code-styled text :slight_smile: .

Well I mean how about a new editor that’s capable of that? :smiley:
Makes much more sense I think.

Now we just need to find time for that and kinda get together to like the same editor… hehe.

Nur her damit :slight_smile: (sorry english readers, I can’t translate that)

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