How to install Zammad using Cpanel

Hello to all the Zammad community, I am new and would like your assistance please! I discovered today Zammad on Github and I don’t have knowledge with Python, Ruby, I just have knowledge with Cpanel! So please could someone help me install Zammad on my server? Because currently I use os-Ticket to create support tickets and I would like to change to use Zammad! Thank you to all of you sorry for my English I am French

No offense, I really don’t wanna sound mean.
But: With your background you may wanna consider to not install Zammad on your own.

cpanel, like many other tools that control your webserver for you, is not suitable for installing the required virtual host files. Especially if you have limited knowledge for what runs below cpanel.

If you can’t resist and really have to, go either by docker-compose or package (easiest) installation types.
That being said, I cannot recommend using it on such a shared system. You’ll have a hard time.


Good morning ! Thank you for your quick response I say that I prefer Cpanel because the majority of the scripts that I pay on Codecayon are easy to install! Those are Laravel scripts, just upload the script to the FTP server and open the site address: my-domain.tld/install and then proceeded easily to the installation, so I would like to know if it is possible to install Zammad on my FTP server as I have just explained previously! I have no knowledge with Dockers, nor Python and nor Ruby! I ask for help but I don’t ask someone to do the installation for me I would just like a detailed and easy guide that will allow me to use Zammad. Thanks in advance

There are no guides for the process you want to use. If you want to install Zammad please reference the docs for supported options:

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