How to forward message to agent's email with macro/trigger


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.2
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Browser + version: Chrome 95

Dear community support. I’ve got two questions to which I hope you can give me an answer, thanks in advance.

Is it possible to set up some macro which will forward the incoming ticket as the original message and the subject to the agent’s mailbox?

To clarify.

At the moment when you open new incoming ticket you can click Forward and in the text box you have the original message attached in the text box which will go to some mailbox. I’d like to automate this and add a macro which will forward the original message to the agent’s mailbox and will close the ticket. So I’ve tried to configure the trigger but there’s only an option to send a notification not to forward the message… or am I missing something?

The other thing which I think is a missing feature is to send an answer to customer when agent replies from his mailbox, not zammad.

The scenario.

  1. Incoming email from customer to eg.
  2. Supervisor forwards an incoming ticket to agent eg.
  3. Agent replies from mailbox client eg. Outlook adding some attachments (not using zammad at all).
  4. When you login to Zammad and you open the ticket you can see Agent’s reply but it doesn’t go any further. I may have something not configured properly but I think the customer should get this answer with all these attachments also to his email.

So I managed to configure a macro and trigger which forwards the original message as part of notification. I noticed that by default there’s no #{article.body_as_html} available in dropdown menu (only plain text article.body)

I will share a bit of my configuration here. Maybe someone may find it useful.


Conditions for objects:

Owner: Changed

Tags: Contains → MyOwnTagForwardToAgents

Execute Changes on Objects:


Visibility: Public

Recipient: Agent X


Forwarded message: #{article.subject}

Include attachments: Yes

Body: #{article.body_as_html}

Status: Closed

Macro to execute the trigger:


Tags: add → MyOwnTagForwardToAgents

Owner: user Agent X

Works great.

Still I’m looking for a solution to my second question.

However, the documentation has you covered:

This is not possible for various reasons.
We had this discussion once or twice already and I can’t lie, I’m no fan because of the technical issues that come with that approach.

There’s no workaround.

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