How to fill a custom tree select object in api ticket creation?

Hey everyone!

I’m currently using Zammad 6.0.0 and I’m having difficulties in creating a ticket through api, because my ticket has a required tree-select object, and I have to fill it for the ticket to be created.

I don’t know exactly what format to use, and I’m getting this error:
ERROR: Your request is invalid or could not be processed by the service
Missing required value for field ‘origemproblema’!

I’ve tried to download the ticket and see the field format and use it in the api, but without success…

Here is excel field value:

Here is my try to use it with N8N (what is making the api requests):

Here is my object (single tree select) structure:

Question: What value do I use in api to correctly fill the ‘origemprolema’ field and successfully create the ticket?


Should normally very easy:

   "title": "Help me!",
   "group_id": 4,
   "customer": "",
   "description": "testing ...",
   "treeselect": "Cat 2::aaa"

fieldname: "value" and sub tree values are connected with ::.


You are absolutely right!
Using the zammad integration on N8N is throwing the error…
Doing as you told via a simple post worked!


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