How to disable notes by default


  • Used Zammad version: zammad-3.3.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)source
  • Operating system: Centos7.7
  • Browser + version: any

We’d like to disable notes by default. I find this can’t be done via admin UI.
But the Rail-Console is not my strength. Could you give me this command? Thanks!

In Channels you can disabled the Web creation of ticket if you dont want to communicate via web or notes
by default note is set for internal only means only admin or agent can read notes

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Thanks for reply,we have used note by default way. For some reasons we’d like to disable it.

I try to click some options but it seems doesn’t work.
Would you like to tell me more detail for disable it?

it seems refer Objects — Zammad Admin Documentation documentation can do this.

but theres no delete button for note

Would kind to help me!?

The note attribute is a default object of Zammad (and there are several ones).
I’m honestly not sure what it would break to disable it and thus would like to not tell you how you potentially brick your system.

May I ask for your use case? What’s wrong with the feild?

Dear developer, we reply customer through email via zammad.
sometimes agent wrote in note and closed his ticket which mistakenly thought it was done, actually our customer cant receive the reply. And team leader would like to use email client to track progress of tickets,so that it will not display in a thread if use note attribute.

We are already paying attention,but it still happens occasionally,so we hope to solve it technically. I have serached the docs manual/git issue and tried to find in commad line # zammad run rails --tasks ,but it seems there’s no feasible solution.

Zammad is useful and smart,it’s may just our application scene is a bit special,sincerely.

You can’t disable notes in Zammad. That’s technically not possible.
Please also note that you’re talking about the article type “note” which can’t be found within the object manager. This is important to know so that we two know that we’re talking about the same thing. :slight_smile:

Easiest way would be to create a trigger that sends out notes created by agents on ticket updates to the customer of the ticket. Please note that this would not affect people being mentioned in cc or being different ones from the customer address (so if you have conversations with more than one person).

More information about triggers can be found here:

And as you also need variables, here’s more information one those:

Ok,we know that. I will follow you advice to try trigger.
Thanks again!

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