How to create time-based report/statistics based on ticket tags


we consequently tag tickets based on a centrally managed (long) list of tags. Now we would like to create reports/statistics to see, of which tags we have most tickets (over time and at specific points in time), and - as we have currently quite a steep increase of tickets - which types of tickets are responsible for this increase. Basically we would need a way to break down the total number of tickets over time to individual tags.

Zammad’s built-in reporting is quite nice and handy, but - afaik - cannot do this breakdown.

Does anyone know a way to achieve this and has maybe already done it and would be willing to share her/his way of creating such reports?

Use Grafana with the default stock ticket dashboard we provide free of charge. It even contains the top 10 tags appearing in the time period you’re looking for.

If that doesn’t fit you can adjust it from there or start from new.

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Thanks. This is very helpful indeed

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