How to create a public/private comment by mail?

I’m very often in the situation, that I’d like (or need) to update a ticket by mail, because there is no direct web access to the Zammad UI (e.g. when being off-VPN). Adding a normal followup article is easy by replying to one of the notification emails. But what if I need to add a comment, maybe even a private one, to Zammad? Can this be done purely by mail and if yes, how? I wasn’t able to find documentation about this specific topic. Please feel free to refer me to any already existing documentation which has slipped my attention

not tested method.

You can try if the next (Settings → Channel → Email → Filter) works.
Seems that the options are there.

  • Internal, is an option below the ‘Article’ header
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Great idea @gk-helpdesk! I hadn’t been aware of the email filter possibilities so far. I’ve tested your suggestion and it works just fine. I can even combine filters, like “[note]” for notes and “[internal]” for internal posts and “[note][internal]” for internal notes :slight_smile: . That is perfectly modular solution for our use cases.

Good to hear it all worked out.

You could also use trusted channels and email headers.
However this should only be a way if you’re trusting the sender.

Thank you for the suggestion. The problem is, that email header manipulation is not trivial to achieve with standard email clients. However we will consider it, in case we need more sophisticated ticket control via email in the future. For the moment we are happy with the email filter method suggested bu @gk-helpdesk, using a predefined set of tags.

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