How to configure or disable Dashboard and activity stream

  • Used Zammad version: 3.4.0


the dashboard with activity stream does not match our privacy policies. You can see every session login of other users there. How can this be configured or disabled?


You can’t.

As an administrative user or with at least admin.user permission which, usually, no “normal” agent would have, correct.

I have to say as an agent without any administrative permissions you can also see the Activity-Stream with other user information.


I would like to disable the “first steps” tab on the dashboard. At least for agents. Because other agents could invite any customer per E-Mail to zammad but that shouldn’t be possible. It would be awesome if there would be an solution for this.

That’s currently not possible without custom code changes that are not update safe. Sorry.

You can do as workaround delete activity stream every minute.

sudo crontab -e #to modify root's crontab
and then enter
* * * * * zammad run rails r "ActivityStream.destroy_all"

Not exactly what you want, but perhaps still complying your privacy policies.

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