How to close a ticket via email


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: RPM
  • Operating system: Centos 7
  • Browser + version: Firefox 69 on Fedora 30

Expected behavior:

  • Creating a trigger with “Title contains ‘CLOSE’” and assigning the action to close the ticket should actually close the ticket

Actual behavior:

  • it ignores the trigger

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Can you please tell us how you’re trying to trigger the trigger?

Hi bebosudo,

maybe you could try it with the update action:

The problem is: If everyone answer, the ticket will be closed again and again, as long as “close” is in the concern.

For this you could create a new object so that the ticket is closed only once:

Greetings, Daniel.

@MrGeneration I created a trigger with the following conditions:

Conditions for the interested objects:

  • Action IS updated
  • closed_once IS no

Then apply:

  • email to client notifying him of the ticket being closed
  • state set to closed
  • closed_once YES

closed_once has been created as per suggestion of @Mr_P (system -> objects -> new attribute -> closed_once, boolean, active, default false, not visible nor editable by user), but it didn’t seem to work, the emails are ignored as before.

I try to reply to notification emails and setting CLOSE as the first keyword of the subject.
Any idea why it does not work?

You don’t happen to answer to agent notifications, do you?
If so, that aint gonna work.

Edit: Please let us know on what E-Mail you’re answering.

Yes, I was trying to answer to agent notification emails; that was our use case, we want to be able to “manage” tickets via email from the agent-side.
I ended up using fdm to fetch email from imap and writing a set of scripts to feed a simple bugzilla installation.

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