How to change email template


how can i adjust and or brand the Template?
Actually the Email Templates are not usuable for us: Looks not good, no Logo, etc.


  • Used Zammad version: 2.8
  • Used Zammad installation source:
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18…
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Hi, is there no one who could help me with that? This are some basics, for my understanding.

What templates do you mean?
Notification E-Mails to Agents or general E-Mail communication?

do the customers get notifications? This is what i mean

  • “your Ticket opened”
  • “your Ticket was closed”
    … if this exist how to turn off or change Email Looking / texts …

I’m used to freshdesk and Kayako - where you can change those things.

They get notifications only if you set up a Trigger to do so.
You can edit the text and add pictures within this trigger, but you can’t change the overall form.

Please refer to this link:

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Hi, awesome, thankyou! Can I set the Ticketnumber somewhere within Email Content, instead of within the subject?
And or somewhere hidden in HTML?
Is HTML possible in the Trigger (Text Field) ?

It is not possible to use hidden HTML-Objects, or bare HTML code within any field within Zammad.
You can use Formatting (see: )

Within a E-Mail-Body (Admin-Backend) you can access system variables by pressing :: just like you would in the Frontend with text modules.

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