How to avoid sending trigger mails to no-replay contacts

Hello, we are using zammad 3.6 and sometimes we get e-mails from different “no-reply” addresses. That’t ok, we want to recive these mails and the new ticket.

But when zammad tries to send an email to one of these mails (Hello, your new Ticket … ) or when we close the ticket (Your Ticket was closed …) Zammad gets back en error message becuase the mail is undeliverable.

How can we define exceptions with e-mails addresses which must not recive any e-mails responses?

In the settings per trigger I can only write one single mail address … The behaviourwiht this setting is nice but there are more than one mail-addresses I want to except…

Solution: using regex:

Using ing Zammad:

write in the field:||

Thanks for sharing the solution, I’m sure many people are not aware that we can use regex in triggers now.

Ahh sorry but I found out that regex is only possible in the mail filter settings :frowning:

Info here:

I was wondering but I thought I just missed the change and believed you :smiley:

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