How does token generation works in zammad for users that were on boarded to zammad via Microsoft account ? Whats the grant type?


To onboard all Microsoft Azure AD users to zammad, i have successfully completed integration with Microsoft. I am even able to sign up / login with Microsoft via zammad web interface.

I am creating a Microsoft Teams Bot application that uses Zammad Rest APIs … I can see no possibility of generating tokens for users that were on boarded to zamamd using Microsoft account …

I have seen 2 ways of token generation that is,

  1. user-access-token (it requires user password - how will i provide it for users that were on boarded using Microsoft account?)
  2. generating token on settings in zammad Admin panel

Is there really no possibility for using Zammad Rest APIs without knowing user password?

I want to build a flow in which my Bot shows a zammad login dialog and on clicking Microsoft, a token is returned to Bot application, which uses the received token for calling Zammad Rest APIs. Is this possible, If yes then how?

Used Zammad version: 5.2.x

This is not possible no.

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