How does CT integration matching of names work


  • Used Zammad version: 2.9
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: chrome, firefox latest

Expected behavior:

*after configuration of CTI (generic) it was excepted that instead of showing up just number in call log it would show the username of user with matching number.

Actual behavior:

  • the system just show incoming call numbers in call log instead of username

Put the caller id into the user it belongs to (either phone or mobile) and wait for the next call?

the system is already pre populated with users from active directory and they have phone number assigned in zammad

Can you please let me know what format those numbers do have within Zammad?
A screenshot of a user with some blurred out information would be a option too.

i am very sorry for such a late reply but I managed to find the reason why the Intelligent caller ID search does not work as I intended, the reason seems to be the caller id number format , I am using Zammad for local help desk with users calling from local extensions like XXXX (4 digits ) when I change numbering format to 6 digits like XXXXXX then everything works

Should i post it as a bug on github?

@thorsteneckel what do you think?
Personally my guess is that this has a good reason why we decided to ignore too short strings?

Hi @giji - your observations are right: Zammad starts to recognize phone numbers from 6 digits to up to 26. See the corresponding code here:

From my understanding you have to change your CTI / telephone system to send the whole number instead of only the internal number / last digits. Having 4 digit numbers as phone numbers will end up with a lot of false positives when looking up numbers and might lead to unexpected behavior in some components.

Thank you for prompt reply . i will modify system as you recommended not a problem :slight_smile:

just my two cents : from my understanding in corp environment extensions numbers are recorded in Active directory (for example) as is (like XXX or XXXX ) and from there imported in Zammad , then domain admin also has to modify records to add numbers in AD or somehow modify how Zammad import this records? in my case not a problem (few users and easy to change) but in case 100+ AD and other services tied to this accounts this would be quite difficult (not in terms of actions but consequences )

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