How do you handle large a mounts of closed subscribed tickets?

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to figure out a “good” way to handle subscribed closed tickets and therefore I am curious how you guys are handling this.

currently I am just ignoring them :wink:

My questions:

  1. Is it safe (performance wise) to just leave it as they are?
  2. Do you open & unsubscribe each one of them?
  3. Do you work with some kind of automation (did not check if I could unsubscribe there…)?

Thank you for your feedback.

BR wucherpfennig


I leave the tickets as they are. I think, it won’t be a performance issue at any time as normaly a ticket also has an agent assigned, which is in fact nothing else than a subscriber.

And since closed tickets don’t get much updates anymore, it shouldn’t affect the search index, notifications etc.

The only thing I changed from the default setting, is the overview. I added the status to exclude the subscrided AND closed/merged tickets.


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Thankyou for your feedback. This is actually a good idea. :+1:

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For me I’m trying to cycle through closed subscribed tickets regulary so that the number of tickets isn’t getting too much. Unsubscribing manually right now is a slight pain through.

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