How do I search tickets by id range

Dear Zammad,

It is possible to get tickets by number range with the following query:
https://…/api/v1/tickets/search?query=number:[25030 TO *]

Is it possible to get a similar ticket range by ID?
https://…/api/v1/tickets/search?query=id:[30 TO *]

Thank you for your time


  • Used Zammad version: 4.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: source
  • Operating system: linux

Hi @yene ,

i don’t think its possible to search for a range of ticket numbers at the moment, because it is indexed as text to make it searchable by wildcard search like “123*”. But it could be possible feature request to index it also as integer to make your case possible.

Ticket ids should be possible tho. Try this:

id:>=10 AND id:<20

= greater equal 10 and smaller than 20.

Thank you for the quick answer, now search by id works.

Search for a range of ticket numbers works, but we will avoid it for now to not run into an edge case.

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