How can I use zammad console on docker-compose

Hello everyone,
I’m newbie in Zammad
I have a question concerning zammad console.
I installed zammad using docker-compose following this tutoriel → Install with Docker Compose — Zammad documentation , I need to add new states for tickets, I understand that I can only do that by using the zammad console, but I have no clue on how to get access to the console.
I thank you in advance

You can run rails c against the railsserver container.

Thank you very much for your quick response. I actually typed the command “docker-compose exec zammad-railsserver rails c” to open the console in the terminal. However, I’m experiencing an issue where nothing is connected. When I try running small commands like “User.count” or “Ticket::Priority.pluck(:name)”, I always get 0 or an empty list []. Can you help me identify where the problem might be?

The issue was caused by a faulty compose stack.
Updating to 6.1 or at least a very current 6.0 tag should solve your issue.

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