How can I see all closed tickets?/How many Tickets processed by which agent?

I’m using Zamad for a very short time. I miss two basic features and just can not find them.
I’m looking for two standard features:

  1. How can I see all closed tickets? How can I search these?
    2.) How can I see the number of tickets in a certain period of time and how many have been processed by which agent?


To see all closed tickets you have different options:

  1. just enter “closed” in the search and press enter.
  2. create a new overview with “state” is “closed”.
  3. If you have installed elastic search integration you can search even detailed:
    “state:closed AND owner.lastname:reuter” gives you all closed tickets of agent with lastname reuter.
    Have a look in the elastic search cheate sheet:

For doing some reporting you have two options. For basic reporting you could use the internal reporting an create a report profil. For better reporting you could use grafana reporting.

@gwingend ohhh… I want that too :grimacing: how does Grafana reporting integrates with Zammad? I already have elastic search is it okay to install Grafana over it?


Hi, as @gwingend already pointed out you can search for those tickets easily.
If you need to look at your closed tickets, you can create a custom overview in the admin interface and set your needed preferences.

@Achu sure, it has nothing to do with Zammad :wink:



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