Hosting Zammad for clients?

Are we require to buy a license if we host Zammad for our clients as a service?

I understand that AGPL require us to share source if we modify the source, so this is fine, I have no intentions to do so - I’ll rather contribute to your Git if i need features.


I’ll make it very short:
No you do not need a license for hosting Zammad for customers, but we will not provide support for those instances (without service contract).

In addition, I’d like to point to our Trademark-Policy:

If you’re unsure if you’d go against this policy, feel free to contact us. We will review it then.
This will save trouble for both sides. :slight_smile:

Contribution, especially for Github stuff, is always warmly welcome (just like Donations are :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Of course, I understand that your time is better spent on development and enterprise customers, this is a better gain for everone involved with the project.

Hm, I’m a bit split about if we can even use Zammad commercially based on that policy…

What we want to do:

  1. Host Zammad instances for our clients.
  2. Charge the client for the hosting and maintanance.

This will of course make us money, but you state on the terms “…it cannot be run as a for-profit project or business”… which is exactly what hosting Zammad does.

I’m also not sure which license applies to Zammad, on your policy page it says GPL but on your project Git it says AGPL - which one is it?

Please give me a moment to discuss this inside the team - I’ll reply as fast as possible.

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Regarding the license question: Github is right - it’s AGPL. We’re fixing that on the pages (Thanks for the hint)

You can Host Zammad instances for customers and charge them, but:

  • you have to ensure that your customer understands, that this Hosting has nothing to do with Zammad Foundation and/or Zammad GmbH
  • you may not advertise using the Name “Zammad”

Another example would be:
Similarly, a business related to Zammad themes can describe itself as “XYZ Themes, the world’s best Zammad themes,” but cannot call itself “The Zammad Theme Portal.”

For name usage (Zammad), you can contact us at support(at)zammad(dot)com to make it clearer.

That makes it much clearer.

In this case, can we do the following?

  1. Replace Zammad and logo in the project with our branding.
  2. Add at the bottom display (after user login)…

“Powered by Zammad
Zammad is not affiliated with [our company]”

… with a link to the project?

Maybe you can make this easier to accomplish in the admin, because currently, Zammad is mentioned everywhere - even in the browser console.

The more i test Zammad, the more Zammad is everywhere…

  • Test ticket
  • Test E-mail
  • Default templates
  • Browser console
  • Login page
  • Even the E-mail headers has Zammad!

And no where is there a simple way to add the “not affiliated by” without changing the code, re-package it and re-distribute it to every user and visitor of the Zammad instance - just to be able to use it and not break AGPL.

I’m sorry, but the work don’t justify the small fee we would earn offering this to clients.

I’ll answer here, because your questions might hit more people as well and help them to decide. I hope this is okay for you, as the last post is basically the same like in your E-Mail.

This would be okay.
You’d have to fork Zammad for rebranding (and maintain it), as the wanted functionality is nothing we will add in the new future.

It is important, that your product is not named e.g. “Zammad Professional”. Of course, you can declare in the Feature set, that underneath it’s a Zammad instance hosted by you.

It is okay if you name it “BRANDNAME Pro” or “BRAND Ticketing Pro” something like that (as long as “Zammad” is not in the name.

I think the above should cover most of your last post, too.

Hello MrGeneration,

Do we have to ensure that the product we offer to our clients contain no referral links to Zammad? such as the Logo, test tickets etc?

Could we name the product as “superhelpdesk , powered by Zammad” but leave the software in its original state without changing the logo, links etc?

Much help is appreciated.

Of course you can keep logos and referal links inside the instance.

Please keep in mind the restriction mainly go for the way you can promote and “sell” the product.

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