"Hide" specific tickets in shared organizations


We use zammad for internal use primary. We also use the feature of “shared organization”. So everybody can see when his tickets gets hands on (we work “from top to bottom”, exept high prio tickets).

We came from zohodesk and there was a nice feature:

Showing that there is a ticket “above” me with a lower ID, but no user was able to see the title nor the content (title and content were asterisks).
This was important for such things like “xyz will leave the company on xx.xx, wipe phone etc”
Or the CEO would like to have a work analysis of a particular person… nothing the whole organization should see.
So we were able to mark some users as “default hide”.

I know I could do that with a trigger, but the ticket wouldnt be in the shared list then.

Only approach I can see right now is using a “title that doesn’t tell whats it about” in combination with private articles and group permissions (so only specific people can see the priv ate stuff).

Especially in those cases, a shared organization is a very bad idea, just my opinion.

So in short: Right now we can’t do that in core functionality. x

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