Hide or minimize unimportant interactions


Currently it is vacation time and we get many responses like that in zammad:

Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office and will be back on …

There are also other messages that do not contribute to a ticket.

I have the exact same problem here. Please fix that as soon as possible!!!1!

I would like to hide that interactions so that the ticket owner can focus on the facts that are important to solve the problem.

Possible solution

There could be another button like set internal, reply, forward or split, that hides an interaction.

A hidden interaction could be shown as a one liner:

Hidden email - unhide.


If one wants to extend that solution, there could be predefined tags like out of office or custom text like same request as earlier by John Doe that can display the reason for the hiding process:

Hidden email - Reason: out of office - unhide

Hidden email - Reason: same request as earlier by John Doe - unhide

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I unsuccessfully searched for similar requests previously. Now I found that:

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While not perfect, but you could add a email filter, to either flag the OOO responses, or filter them, and reclose the ticket. To do so filter for the header Auto-Submitted with values: auto-generated or auto-replied. for example;

(Auto-Submitted Header Field Keywords)

If you want you could also choose the action Expert->Ignore Message

Thanks for your feedback and the workaround! I will think of this.

Sometimes an out of office notice may contain important informations for the ticket owner. I would prefer to hide after evaluating if that message is of any value. Also closing a previously not closed ticket would not be intended.

for me this feature would also be very interesting to hide irrelevant messages.

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