Hide Aktivitäts-Stream

Hello everyone,

there was the topic as a feature request, but it had no result. I wanted to ask nicely if there is a possibility to disable or hide it.

The problem is that this is classified as personnel monitoring. In my opinion, the last 25 Steam are displayed. Would be possible to disable or hide this via rails ?

Is it possible to reduce the number of activities?

Hey @7qubit ,

you could probably try to do that with the custom css:

The classes you’re looking for should be sidebar optional:

So you could put
.sidebar.optional { display: none; }
in there. The spacing is important here: CSS Selectors Reference

Watch out though, i’m not a web dev or anything at all and i didn’t try that first. This should hide ALL elements that are classified as sidebar and optional. So if anything else uses this class combination, that’s probably gone too.

There’s most likely a better way to achieve this but i don’t know it :>.



Thanks, I will try that, however I don’t know if CSS editing needs to be done after each update.

There is also an option with “zammad run rails r “ActivityStream.destroy_all””. but That removes the activity display for admins, but for agents only after new login the bar is cleared.

Is this a big programming effort to disable this ? because since zammad 3 the issue is addressed.

You won’t have to. If you follow the thread it should be update-proof:

Anything else is above me and can probably only be answered by the zammad team itself.
Hope it still helps!


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Thanks, this procedure worked for me as well and as described it should survive updates too.

thank you very much. i hope someone from Zammad will tell us how to disable this or dashboard under Zammad 5, easier and reasonable…

works like a charm!
Thanks for that great hint :slight_smile:

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