Help with fresh install on Cent OS


Recently stumbled onto Zammad and thought I would give it a try. Having issues installing it though. I end up with a Welcome to NGINX page instead of Zammad page.

I have updated the server_name and tried with IP or FQDN, and neither work. I either get the welcome to nginx page or a 502 bad gateway.

Not sure what I’m missing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Did you check whether the nginx zammad conf is enabled?

Bad Gateway indicates that Zammad either isn’t running or not listening to the expected port.
You may want to check the production logfile.

How do I check if zammad conf is enabled? Normally for nginx It would be the sites-available folder; however, that folder does not exist. Did I miss a step in the instructions?

Zammad is running and listening. I’ll have to check and see if something is blocking the ports.

I went through it and it appears that at some point during the initial install some items failed and I didn’t notice. I had to remove Zammad and install it again. This time spotting each error and correcting them. Not sure why it errored, but everything is good now.

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I may be late to the party…
I just created this post Zammad Installer script – it may help you next time :slight_smile:



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