Help with Email Trigger


I have a problem with using the triggers to send an email. Here is my trigger configuration:

When I create a ticket, a new tag “Test Tag” is created, but there is no email sent to the customer.

I have also already set up an outbound email, but did not set up an inbound email. I’m receiving system notification for ticket updates, but I can’t seem to get the trigger to send an email to the customer when I create a new ticket.

Do I need to set up an inbound email for the trigger to work? If not, what is the cause of this problem?

These are email channel settings.

Thank you very much for the assistance!


It looks like you’ve only have email notifications set up. You need to add a separate email channel in the top section “email accounts” of your second screenshot to be able to send and receive emails.

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Just as an additional explanation for op: notifications are e-mails that are sent to agents automatically from Zammad. Everything going to the customer or mails sent through triggers need a configured e-mail channel. If you don’t want to use an inbox there is a trick to configure the e-mail channel with only an outgoing server, but you still need to configure it to be able to send mails.


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