Help: [solved ]Opps.. I'm sorry, but you have insufficient rights to open this Ticket. note with all tickets


  • Used Zammad version: 2.9
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Browser + version: Chrome latest, Safari latest

Expected behavior:

  • be able to open and change tickets

Actual behavior:

  • " Opps… I’m sorry, but you have insufficient rights to open this Ticket." note with all tickets, even the ones I am owner off

What did I do?

I am the admin of our Zammad instance which has just been installed and put into operation. Great job building Zammad btw!!!

Now I have added more e-mails and introduced a new nomenclature for roles, groups and overviews and renamed everything accordingly. (e.g. before: Bundesvorstand, now: BV.Vorstand)

Now I suddenly can’t open any more tickets. I have removed all the hooks in the agent settings and set them again. I should have full access to all tickets. But no change. The other agents can still use Zammad normally.

Is this bug known? What can I do to search for errors?

Many thanks in advance!

Hey @skepto,

which roles does your user have?
Go to Admin -> Users -> find your user and click on it

Which agent permissions are set in these roles?
Go to Admin -> Roles -> click on the assigned roles

Here’s a small explanation for those permission i’ve written in another topic:


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Hey @svnr-dvnkln,

my user has the role admin, agent and bv.vorstand


This are the agent permissions of BV.Vorstand

But no matter what agent permissions i give to my users. I cannot read any tickets.

Just to understand completely: If you have a role with right to all groups (or all roles together with the rights to all groups in overall) then you are not able to access the tickets?
Please take a look into your logfile and take a look if something appears there.

In the URL you’ll find an ID, do zammad run rails r 'p Ticket.find({ID})' and check in which group it lifes ( zammad run rails r ' p Group.find(GROUP-ID)'. Check if you have rights to that group.

Also, your template is incomplete.

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Yes, exactly that!

Do I find the logfile in the GUI, or on the server? I’m just Zammad-Admin, no Serveradmin. Have to go to our Systemadministrator if the latter is the case.

It’s on the server inside the root folder of your zammad installation.
There should be a folder* called log.

*a link to a folder depending on your os

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I was able to find the problem and fix it.
The checkbox “agent - access to CTI” was not set at the role “Admin”.

Thanks for your help!