Help me with 2 triggers

Hi guys,
i would like to create two triggers in zammad 2.8.0 but i didn’t find the right combination to create them (and i don’t know if it’s possible).
1- The first one should assign the new ticket received to any agent who is online at that moment.
2- The second one should send mail to assigned agent, if it’s been X minutes/hour after the last customer response, with message “hey, look this ticket #xxxx”.
I hope you can help me.
Bye :sweat_smile:

Hey @bmaurizio,

I don’t think that’s actually possible (@MrGeneration correct me if i’m wrong).

Triggers only do something when a ticket gets changed. Since you want something to happen if nothing is changed in a ticket you need a scheduler to do what you want to do. It should work :slight_smile:.


Trigger number one is currently not possible.

I also changed the category to technical assistance.

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