Help importing from OTRS


  • Used Zammad version: 3.6.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: Debian 10 from package
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Browser + version: Google Chrome on Linux

Expected behavior:

  • Import all the tickets from OTRS install (74000+)

Actual behaviour:

  • Import went fine, but all the article titles are missing, it just shows

**EMPTY** into every Ticket Title

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  • I re-imported it 3 times now, but all the times I get the same result, the tickets come with **EMPTY** as the title.

Please help! This is the last roadblock before we move to Zammad…
Thanks a ton!


One extra piece of information: When I start the import, I get the following error:

I, [2021-03-18T16:42:22.801096 #17875-46924195240280] INFO – : thread#-: ERROR: Unsupported dynamic field object type ‘Article’ for dynamic field ‘ArticleFreeText1’

And through the import I get some other errors all similar to the following:
I, [2021-03-18T16:44:32.030070 #17875-46924286816220] INFO – : thread#6: ERROR: Can’t extract customer from Article
I, [2021-03-18T16:44:32.203885 #17875-46924286816220] INFO – : thread#6: ERROR: Can’t extract customer from Article
I, [2021-03-18T16:44:32.372853 #17875-46924286816220] INFO – : thread#6: ERROR: Can’t extract customer from Article

I’ve been doing a little more research, and tried to do the import from different places (from local infrastructure → Azure, and now from local to local, no firewall) but to no avail I still get ALL my tickets with the title EMPTY as this picture shows:

I went to the code (my last resource) and tried to find where that mapping happens, and I find two files within Zammad code:

root@zammad:/opt# grep -r -F “EMPTY” *
zammad/spec/lib/import/otrs/ticket_spec.rb: title: ‘EMPTY’,
zammad/lib/import/otrs/ticket.rb: mapped[:title] = ‘EMPTY

But I’m lost after that.
Anybody with more experience, how can I increase the log level of the import from OTRS process? Or do I need to go into the code and do the equivalent of “print” to see what might be wrong with my OTRS install that is causing this problem?

Thank you for any help you can offer me - I appreciate it immensely. I promised to have this working by the end of March and I’m running out of time


Just in case this can help (I see this was asked to other people in the list) this is my result of:;Key=REDACTED;Object=State;Subaction=Export

{“Success”:1,“Result”:[{“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“Comment”:“New ticket created by customer.”,“Name”:“new”,“TypeName”:“new”,“ID”:1,“TypeID”:1,“ValidID”:1},{“Comment”:“ticket is closed with workaround”,“Name”:“closed with workaround”,“ChangeTime”:“2014-11-25 13:08:45”,“CreateTime”:“2014-11-25 13:08:44”,“ValidID”:1,“TypeID”:3,“ID”:10,“TypeName”:“closed”},{“ValidID”:1,“TypeID”:3,“TypeName”:“closed”,“ID”:2,“Comment”:“Ticket is closed successful.”,“Name”:“closed successful”,“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”},{“Comment”:“Ticket is closed unsuccessful.”,“Name”:“closed unsuccessful”,“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“ValidID”:1,“TypeID”:3,“TypeName”:“closed”,“ID”:3},{“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“Name”:“open”,“Comment”:“Open tickets.”,“ID”:4,“TypeName”:“open”,“ValidID”:1,“TypeID”:2},{“Name”:“removed”,“Comment”:“Customer removed ticket.”,“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“TypeID”:6,“ValidID”:1,“TypeName”:“removed”,“ID”:5},{“ValidID”:1,“TypeID”:4,“ID”:6,“TypeName”:“pending reminder”,“Name”:“pending reminder”,“Comment”:“Ticket is pending for agent reminder.”,“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”},{“Name”:“pending auto close+”,“Comment”:“Ticket is pending for automatic close.”,“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“ValidID”:1,“TypeID”:5,“TypeName”:“pending auto”,“ID”:7},{“TypeID”:5,“ValidID”:1,“TypeName”:“pending auto”,“ID”:8,“Comment”:“Ticket is pending for automatic close.”,“Name”:“pending auto close-”,“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”},{“TypeID”:7,“ValidID”:1,“ID”:9,“TypeName”:“merged”,“Comment”:“State for merged tickets.”,“Name”:“merged”,“CreateTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”,“ChangeTime”:“2013-03-14 11:40:34”}],“Notice”:“zammad migrator 1.0”}

How do I mark this issue as solved? After looking at way too many other issues, I’ve got convinced that the problem was in OTRS. And after digging for a while, I discovered the following on my Custom Fields in my OTRS 6 installation.

One of my dynamic fields had the name “Title” So my recommendation for somebody going the same route - if something is not importing as it should, look and look again at your dynamic fields!

Oh and another thing that helped me was to try also the import from the web interface (not only from the console)

Please feel free to mark this ticket as “SOLVED”
Happy and ready to go into zammad deeper today :slight_smile:


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