Help, facebook integration broken - Screencast needed for Facebook review

I want to connect facebook to zammad.
In extension to the existing howto (, Facebook now requests an “screencast how the app uses publish_pages / manage_pages permission”. Without this screencast, I’m not able to complete the request for review.

Has anyone already made such screencasts, or can @Zammad_core_team provide this?

Thank you very much!

PS: You propose category “Apps for pages”, but this is not available any more. I choose “messenger bots for business” - is this right?

Hi all, I really need your help to get facebook integration working in zammad. This “multi-channel approach” is one of zammad’s biggest advantages for me.

After two attempts, the facebook team always rejects my request for permissions :frowning:

Unfortunately, I can’t provide a screencast of the working feature… I tried explaining the functionality in this screencast: but Facebooks answered: “Aus deinem Screencast ist nicht ersichtlich, wie die Verwendung dieser Berechtigung das Nutzererlebnis in deiner App direkt verbessert. Leider konnten wir das auch nicht feststellen, als wir deine App manuell getestet haben.”

At the moment, I can’t enable facebook in my zammad :cold_sweat:

Am I doing something wrong?
Can someone provide a screencast of the working feature that could convince facebook to accept my permission request?

I think this is not an individual problem: everyone who wants to enable facebook channel in zammad will face the same problem.

Thanks a lot.

This is what you are looking for:

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Hey Oliver,

thank you very much - indeed, I missed to provide the callback URL.
Thanks to @thorsteneckel’s screenshots, I could now connect (OAuth) zammad and facebook, and add my FB-account in zammad:

Some moments later, I received a first thread from FB in Zammad: my latest fb-post with some comments :tada:

But one thing is still not working: when a FB-user sends a message to my FB-Site, I don’t receive anything in zammad…?!? No notification, no ticket, nothing. :pensive:

At facebook developer, there are these two requests for additional permissions (publish_pages, manage_pages) still open (=not accepted).
Are these still needed (even when not shown in the new screenshots)? If yes: I still have no idea how to make this screencast for facebook’s review.

…or may some other setting be missing / wrong ?
…or are such “private messages to sites” not covered by zammad’s fb-integration ??



Hi @chrisblech - Facebook messages are currently not supported but are on the short list. See:

@oschmidt Thanks for pointing to the screenshots!

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