Have the 'zammad run rails r' available in the docker containers

currently the documentation refers to 2 methods of accessing the zammad console; Console — Zammad documentation

package installation

$ zammad run rails r ‘{COMMAND}’

source installation

$ rails r ‘{COMMAND}’

in the docker containers it seems only the one from “source installation” is available. It would be nice if also the command for “package installation” is available.
i’m not sure it’s just some syntactic sugar, but i couldn’t find the zammad executable in the docker container.

But why…?
rails r does the exact same thing like zammad run rails r does technically.

The docker and docker-compose both technically are source installations, this is why there’s no Zammad executable.

mainly for convenience, so you can just copy & paste a command that is formatted with with the zammad run. I already thought it was just syntactic sugar, but i don’t understand the distinction.
Also i’m not sure if zammad run supports command completion, rails r doesn’t for me, which would be really nice

Both versions do not support command completion.
To do so you’ll need the rails console (rails c).

zammad run ... only exists on package installations to make your life easier mainly.
The documentation usually references zammad run rails x commands, so technically you could always just copy everything behind “zammad run”.

If that’s not the case everywhere, we should improve that in my opinion.


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