Hardware Requirements for Zammad


  • Used Zammad version: 3.5
  • Used Zammad installation source: deb
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: Chrome 81, Edge (Chromium), Firefox

Expected behavior:

  • faster Zammad

Actual behavior:

  • not so fast

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Sorry for the first two points but i don’t know how to describe it. We use Zammad since about 2 years. Last week we have a big roll out for our company. Now we have (active) 687 Agents and Zammad is realy slow. Our Server runs with Ubuntu 18.04 with PostgreSQL and is installed with a Ubuntu (deb) package. Our Hardware is 16 GB RAM 4 CPU Core and about 200 GB SSD. If I look into the server (htop) I see that 100% of the memory is used (Swap is also about 50%). I found on the documentation (Hardware — Zammad documentation) the minimum requriements. But as said before we have not “only” 40 agents but 687.
My question: Whats the “right” Requirement for that large amount of Agents.

Has anybody expierence about this.

We have set up about 40 E-Mail Adresses and the LDAP integration (if this information is important).


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Hi @schmanat ,

I would like to start by saying that we are absolutely delighted to hear that after 2 years you are now using Zammad for your business to such a proud extent.

We would be happy to help you further to speed up your Zammad. However, it is difficult to give general advice in this regard, as it depends on several factors to boost speed here.

For such cases, we do offer professional services. I would recommend this to you at this point. You are welcome to contact us at Sales@Zammad.com so that we can work together on a plan to get your system up and running again quickly.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Have a good day!

I would increase the memory, though you probably need more data to do it right.
Assuming you have 16 GB of memory and 32 GB of total swap and assuming that your observations are correct, I’d use

+ 16 GB of memory in use today
+ 16 GB of swap in use today (50% of 32 GB)
+ some room to grow
= 64 GB

But please note: htop is not the best tool to track memory usage and other performance parameters.

thanks for all your answers.

thanks for your calculation i will try your suggestions. Whats a better tools for measuring memory?

You may want to use vmstat for example and look at the columns “si” and “so”. They do reflect the swapping activity instead of the swap size.

thanks for your answer, i will try it out.

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