Google Translate API

I would like to see a Translation API like Google Translate API integration to achieve the following:

Translate incoming and outgoing Tickets in languages which are not spoken by our Agents. An option to choose that every message is translated and stored is a good idea so an Agent which don’t spokes a language also could read what is happend within a ticket.

Recognize language of ticket to trigger ticket to the agents which are spokes this language auto

It should be possible to choose if the message should be translate or not maybe an auto recognize could be implemented when the message is an another language then the answer then Zammad could ask for translation.

With this implementation it could be a good idea to expand groups and users with a field of. Language, so you can create groups for each language.

I kinda like the idea but at the same i’d be careful with something like an automatic translation.
The raw original message should never be thrown away or anything like that.

So yes, a few things you mentioned are pretty cool:
+1 for auto detecting the spoken language (to handle those tickets differently via trigger - if necessary)
+1 for a pop-up or something like that? “Do you want to translate this massage into XY (profile language)”
But this translation should only be something temporarily visible. The article itself shouldn’t be touched.

For my outgoing system mails i wouldn’t want anything to happen “automatically”. You simply can’t provide support in all possible languages - therefore you usually limit the supported ones.
The automatic translated notifications probably would have poor grammar and that’s nothing you want your customers to receive.

Totally IMHO.


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beside Google translate I would vote for

All automatic translations should be optional.

A machine translated answer is better then no answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it should be visible only temporarily and for Agents how don’t speak this language, so they can also understand what is about.

I don’t understand the pricing of deepl PRO via API but its also ok.

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