Google OAUTH2 results in 404


I have enabled the Google Login. When I click the Google Button, I get a 404. The request does not even redirect to google.

404: Requested resource was not found

No route matches [GET] /auth/google_oauth2

Zammad Version: 3.1.x
Webserver: nginx/1.14.2
Installation Type: Installed on Ubuntu via DEB

Any idea?



Could you please provide more information?
Like the used Zammad-Version, your installation type and used webserver?

My slight rant post will maybe explain why:


I am sorry. You are so right.

I have added the missing information.

Please let me know if you will need more :slight_smile:

Same problem here with same configuration, but I did make an update, I recently made a clean install to verify if the bug continues, and it does

After making an update the problem continues but the javascript error disappears after restarting zammad services

That’s odd.
When I press the Google Button on any of my 3.1 installations, it does a POST on /auth/google_auth2 which then does the redirect.

You don’t happen to have any Browser addons that might fiddle around here?
GET is the wrong request type in this case :-X

Thank you for your reply Marcel.

I have disabled all browser addons on Chrome and I have also changed the browser to Safari and Firefox. Same problem.

I am also having the same issue but with Microsoft 365 getting the error:
No route matches [GET] /auth/microsoft_office365

I also getting many other issue from my installation on top of it but just wanted to add this issue from my end. I am running CentOS 7 on my machine.

My button is being generated as an <a href so it’s obviously it will generate a GET request

Are you guys sure you’re running a stable Zammad version?
Are there any modifications on the Zammad source code…?

Reason I’m asking:

  • I can’t reproduce this on the most current package installation
  • I can’t reproduce this on a fresh pulled hosted instance

Is there anything between your Zammad hosts and you?
For exmaple a CDN or a proxy (except Zammads) that might rewrite stuff?
Technical antivirus software could do too (if it would, that be odd, but you can never know).

Well that’s odd, because my instance doesn’t:

All my clients are having the same problem so it can’t be a browser or antivirus problem (I use Mac and Windows, one with antivirus the other one doesn’t)

I use the typical configuration for zammad install, nginx and installed from deb package.
There’s no modification to the code, and it would be rare that all of us made the same modifications to have the same problem, I will try to update the version, even though I install the package 5 days ago, so it seems to be the last version.

We use Cloudflare, but when I connect directly it makes no difference.

But I also have a JavaScript error.

I have the same javascript error

I am not sure if everyone had just updated from an older version. we are having this issue after updating. @MrGeneration I am wondering if you did a clean install instead of getting it from an update?

After multiple test with different combinations

Ubuntu 18.04 apache2 and mysql (Works, clean and database migrated system)
Centos 7 psql and nginx (Works, clean and migrated database)
Clean installations on both configurations works

It seems that the the distribution that we got (In my case last week) have some problems because now with new clean installations (made today 3:51 pm 17/07/2019 GMT -0600) is completely working.

So in my case I fix it by making a new installation and following the procedure for migrations, I couldn’t fix my old installation so I proceed to make a new one.

I think we are good on my end. I think what was causing it for us was not updating fully the data base. I didn’t noticed that we were getting ruby errors but once I cleaned the errors up, then reinstalled zammad I was able to get the button working.

I fix it this way, but I detect another error related with “linking account” instead login, I get the same error, and the same<a href=""> is being generated, even tough the main login problem is fixed after clean installation.

Actually I did both :slight_smile:
But what might be different is that my update steps are always from version to version (so not jumping from 2.9 to 3.1).

Two things:

First of all I want to apologize, I was partly on a really thin icey road here.

Hopefully this will help you.
Please note: The above only applies for the login buttons within the login page.

There’s a bug hitting the profile section (e.g. when you try to link any third party account (I totally ignored that in my pasts posts, sorry!)), that currently makes it impossible to link third party accounts:

We’re working on fixing this bug at the minute I’m writing.

Thank you @MrGeneration :muscle:

After running /opt/zammad/contrib/, the login screen shows the correct form.
But in the profile, I still cannot connect my account via google login.

Correct, because it’s a bug, not a feature :slight_smile:

Hehe okay. So the other problem was my error.

Thank you @MrGeneration :muscle:

This thread can be closed now :slight_smile:

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