Google Oauth configuration with Ambassador as proxy

Expected behavior:

  • Google Oauth based logins work in Zammad when configured for Zammad deployed on Kubernetes clusters

Actual behavior:

  • I have Zammad hosted on a Kubernetes cluster (EKS), I am able to use Zammad very well. However when enabling Google Oauth based logins
    I see HTTP 422 errors. I researched this forum and see that this issue can be solved for Azure/Google Oauth logins by adding
    a line into the Nginx reverse proxy. However, on my cluster I use ambassador. I am unsure what annotations need to be added to ambassador to Ge this working

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Create an EKS cluster on AWS
  • Deploy ambassador for routing with default configuration
  • Deploy Zammad 4.0.x community edition via Helm chart
  • configure Google Oauth following tutorial Google — Zammad documentation
  • Try logging in via google oauth link
  • see error HTTP 422
422: The change you wanted was rejected.
<% if @message.present? %>
<%= @message %>
<% end %> <% if !@traceback %>

Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated.


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