Google Mail Channel Integration: Mark emails as unread after sync

When creating a Google channel integration to synchronise emails from a Google Mail into tickets within Zammad, the email is marked as read within Google Mail.

I want to leave the emails as unread. Any ideas on where to approach this? I don’t seem to be able to find mention of the Google Mail API within the ruby files.

I don’t think that this is possible.
Please note that your approach is prune to issues like Zammad seeming not to fetch mail. This can happen if you mark the mail as read faster than Zammad could fetch.

A (slightly) dirty workaround would be to move a copy into a folder and either let Zammad fetch the mails from there or read the mails in the sub folder.

Please also note that Zammad will keep on marking mails as read even if it was fetched already.
This means that the fetch process will technically start to take longer as Zammad will cycle all unread mails over and over again.

Not sure what your use case is but it sounds sketchy.

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