Google Authentication fails with 422 or 404

I am evaluating Zammad and I am trying to configure login in hosted version of Zammad with Google Authentication.

  • The Authorized JavaScript origins set to https://<my_key>
  • Authorized redirect URIs to https://<my_key>
  • Google++ and Contacts APIs are installed

Initially I was receiving 404 error (something like https://domain/auth/failure?message=invalid_credentials…)
After playing around with Google APIs I am receiving “422: The change you wanted was rejected.”

I tried creating a new project from scratch - still receiving 422…

Any ideas?



Expected behavior:

  • Login to the system

Actual behavior:

  • Errors:
    422: The change you wanted was rejected.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Just for further references: The issue is resolved.
The used e-mail address was already taken by an existing Zammad user. For security reasons we do not allow to create new users with an existing address.
Fix: link the existing account to the google account.

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