Gmail integration does not create new tickets

  • Used Zammad version: 6.0.0-1691139038.c2b281b3.jammy
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source)
  • Operating system: Ununtu 22.04
  • Browser + version: Chrome 115.0.5790.111

Expected behavior:

Create new tickets on new inbount Gmail messages

Actual behavior:

I’ve set up Google Integration and added my gmail account to it.

Integration seems successful but new tickets are not being created when I’m using Gmail specifically.

I know for a fact that Zammad successfully fetches them since I see the messages being read and archived.

At the same time I added a mailbox from my self hosted mailing server to Zammad and everything works fine there.

Sorry, I tried to make the problem easy to understand the best I could.

Hi @harryegorov91. Did you check the logs what happens when the Gmail messages are fetched?