Global footer option with links (imprint/privacy policy)

Dear community,

I think Zammad should be able to show a footer not only within knowledge base, but on every single page. Some companies (at least almost every EU company, I think) is required to link to their imprint (‘Impressum’) and privacy policy (‘Datenschutzerklärung’).

Looking forward to your thoughts!


i think so too, especially in the knowledge base this feature (imprint, privacy policy) is necessary.

I partly I agree, in my opinion the login page is the most important part.
As for the rest of the UI (e.g. when being logged in) I don’t see this as important.

Don’t know what the law requirenments are here.

Pretty simple:

Das Gesetz spricht davon, dass die Angaben „ leicht erkennbar, unmittelbar erreichbar und ständig verfügbar“ zu halten sind. Um Sicher zu gehen, sollten die Angaben deshalb in einem eigenen Menüpunkt in der Navigation, der von jeder Unterseite aus zu erreichen ist, eingebunden werden. Der Menüpunkt sollte mit „Impressum“ oder „Anbieterkennzeichnung“ benannt werden.

While we could argue about everything after logging-in, the knowledge base is available publicly (at least with most installations, I guess), so it does indeed need links to imprint and privacy policy. Also, the login page definitely needs to contain links to those two pages.

Also—and please don’t get that wrong—I’m not sure why this does not seem to be an issue for Zammad (the company), since you guys are hosting publicly available instances for (primarily, I guess) business customers…

Wouldn’t it be the easiest thing to just have a global footer? (I really don’t understand why this should be an issue—just have a global footer on every single page and let us configure it’s contents. And while I’d love to contribute to the code I unfortunately don’t understand anything about Ruby, so I think I might not be of any help here.)

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I’ll stick to this to give a small follow up: You can add own links to the knowledgebase.
Yes, that’s not the footer, but I guess it helps at least a bit.

I still agree to the login part.

Sorry that I can’t more of a help at the moment.

Well, there seems to be an option ‘public menu’ (‘Öffentliches Menü’) within the knowledge base preferences—is that new? That seems sufficient for now…

Umm no, public menu is there since release :slight_smile:

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