Gitlab Integration: Create Issues from Ticket

I would propose an extension of the existing gitlab integration.

Create Issues from ticket and link them (linking somewhat exists already)
Issues should be possible to be created for a specific project.

Possibly right where it currently is possible to link issues to a ticket.
Should be possible to select project and create issue.
Maybe not necessarily creating issue in zammad, instead using already existing interface in gitlab.

I will probably start implementing this feature, but I would love to hear feedback and different perspectives/options. I also would love for this to be added.

Documentation for the api:

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Hi, I have actually been looking for something similar to this to track the technical support requests that I forward to my tech team.

Could you kindly tell me on how you managed to get the actual links for the GitLab tickets into your Zammad ticket workflow and tickets? Thanks a lot and cheers!

Please don’t hijack feature requests with technical questions.
This will be a mess when we’re reviewing those kind of threads.

Our documentation should be able to help you with your approach, if not, please open your own technical assistance thread. Thanks!

Sorry about that, wasn’t aware, but thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

I really love the feature request.

Sentry has this functionality and we use it a lot. Makes it so much easier for the agent if he/she would be able to create the gitlab ticket right out of zammad.

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