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For clarification only I’m not familiar using github or the terminology .

How do I know if the fixed commit to one issue is already applied to the zammad version

Like on sample picture below


If Im not mistaken that fixed is only applied to 3.0.1 zammad version and not to 3.0

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you can find out this via two ways:
The milestone - it states “3.1.0”, so it’s currently in develop only and will come upon 3.1 release.

Second way:
You can click on the link of the commit number (in your case af9fcf4), on the upper left it will show the branches it has been pushed to:

So, this is built on develop, but not stable.
If yu decide to switch to develop, ensure that your system is not productive (things might break!) and please also note, that you can’t switch back to stable without the next stable release on 3.1.

Builts normally finish within 30 minutes after commit.

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thank you sir @MrGeneration

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