Get accounted time per agent and day

Hey there,

is there a way to display / export the time every agent accounted per day (and ticket)?
In #manage/time_accounting I can only see the time accounted and the current ticket owner - not the agent that accounted the time

We’d like to do a little controlling to detect work that has been done but didn’t get accounted.

I can see the accounted time per agent in the ticket history. Is it possible to export this? The rest could be done with a little bit of Excel.


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Hmm per day is a bit tuff maybe.
You can get time_accounting via API if needed. Every ticket contains complete history information, this information also contains the Agent doing this.

Currently I have no approch for you, but I hope that it helps you to find a way to achieve this.
When exporting time accounting information, you’ll get an CSV, but this is monthly or at least “up to that day from 1st of the month” and also shows the current owner, if the ticket changed the agent at least once at that day, you won’t see the accounted time for the first agent. So that will be a bad way to do it.

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