Get a Warning in special Cases


we have some cases when agents often forget to clarify things.
For example, they let “Service type” set to “remote” if they worked at the customers office.
We would not bill the travel costs then and, if the customer has a “remote flatrate”, won’t bill anything.

In those cases I would like to have a warning “Did you really solve that remote?” when closing the ticket.
Also, a “did you put in accounted time?” would be great.

Is this solvable or a new feature?


you should check the core workflow features: Core Workflows — Zammad documentation
Here you can build some conditions that a field will be mandatory when you switch the state to close.

When the agent creates an article there should already be a question about the time accounting (when it’s enabled and the ticket is matching the conditions).

Wow,thank you!

We never had a look at Core Workflows until now. I will review it, sounds like a solution