Generic OAuth2 integration problem

Hello there! I’m having problems trying to login using the Generic Oauth2 option. It’s seems that no user information is reaching zammad, therefore the user can’t be created.
I already tried sending login, email, firstname, etc. as reponse from the /ouath/token endpoint.
An example response payload will be appreciated. Regards!

- Infos:
Used Zammad version: 2.5.x

- Expected behavior:
To login

Actual behavior:
422: The change you wanted was rejected.
‘Minimum one identifier (login, firstname, lastname, phone or email) for user is required.’

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We’re running into the same thing, and I don’t think zammad has implemented a proper strategy to pull user info from anywhere in the OAuth2 strategy. I’m happy to be proven wrong because I’m really not familiar with Ruby/Rails, but I’ve spent the better part of a morning with my coworker trying to implement this. An example response would be super helpful.

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