Frontend option for locked users

It would be really nice if admins were able to unlock users via web gui.

Right now you have to look up the users inside the database with something like that:
SELECT login,login_failed FROM users WHERE login_failed >= '1';

And you have to fix it with another statement like:
UPDATE users SET login_failed = 0 WHERE login = 'USERNAME';
UPDATE users SET login_failed = 0 WHERE login_failed >= '1';

What i would like to see would be a tab in the admin settings.

Maybe a “Locked Users” tab underneath the “Users” tab?
Where you can see the usernames + the failed login attempts and have an option to reset those attempts.


When a users comes from LDAP it should not locked, It means when the Zammad User don’t have an own password in Zammad, because the LDAP Server locks this user.

If zammad locks the user too you have to unlock it twice, on the LDAP Server and on Zammad.

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