Freshdesk migration development


we are currently using freshdesk as our ticket system and planning to migrate to zammand. As a required feature, we would like to implement a migration of the current data in freshdesk.

What would be the best and easiest way to achieve this? Use the API and a migration tool or as a migration plugin / code direct in zammad? Are there any documentation of writing new zammad migration tool?

Thanks for your help!
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Richard Liebmann

Hi @richardliebmann - You could use the Zammad REST API (and clients) to achieve this.
However, it would be great to have a Freshdesk migrator build into Zammad itself. I would be happy to support you on building this by planning, answering any questions and doing the QA.
Let me know wich way you prefer.


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Hi Thorsten,

I think, I will try to implement it directly into Zammad because it will help you in the future.
I’m not very familar with ruby, but I’ll try my best :slight_smile:. Is the import of zendesk a good starting point?


My recommendation is to start a plain file like e.g. dev_freshdesk.rb and place it into the Zammad root dir. Then just start and write all the code down. This allows you to be free from any additional overhead like architecture, file paths, class names, Settings etc.
After you have a fully working Freshdesk import or if any questions arise let me know, I’m happy to help. Just create a fork and let me know which one is it. We will work things out :muscle:

I’m in the same situation. Any progress on this?

@richardliebmann Hi Richard, I hope you have migrated with success!

Freshservice, instead of Freshdesk, is the ITSM system I want to migrate to Zammad. The built-in migration tool only accepts subdomains. @thorsteneckel is there a plan to enrich Zammad for migrating data from Freshservice?

Warm Regards,
Michael Zhang

Please don’t hijack threads with different topics with your topic.
The migrator does not exist, please create a feature request here: Feature requests - Zammad - Community

Thanks for the instruction. I will do that.

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